Spec Built Homes

We find buildable land in locations that meet the mid-valley new residential inventory need. In locations that have been overlooked by many others.

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Rehab Old Homes

Taking an older home and returning it to a updated and charming home again is not only fun to do, it just makes sense to reuse old into new again.

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Property Management

Investors work with us because we can do all levels of construction - and management - New or Old, if it needs renters, we can manage that.

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Why Solid Ground?

From firm foundations comes a company that is diverse in it's capabilities. Project management, property management, contingency operations, infrasturucture assessment, emergency management, and civil projects - all disciplines that make up Solid Ground Homes.

Homes that are built or rennovated by us take into consideration years of study from experts on regional resiliency to produce a home with unparalelled thought of useable square footage, multiple use or easily adjustable systems to provide flexibility in a fast paced/changing environment. Basic, no wasted space, and effeciently allocated living areas that keep a family safe and secure.

When you have a Solid Ground Home - it is on a firm foundation and ready to live for years to come.


Next Steps...

If you are interested in what Solid Ground Homes can bring to your family, reach out to us and learn more.